The Reaper engineering team is composed of highly skilled smart-contract developers and front-end developers. We are meticulous in our development practice, and look over every line of code multiple times each before deployment. We take decentralized finance very seriously, and would never release software that we are not 100% sure is safe.

We back this up by putting our own funds into our software alongside yours. We believe wholeheartedly in our ability to deliver bug-free smart contracts, and seek to give you enough high-quality, real-time analytics to see that everything is performing according to our specifications.

We have integrated fail-safes in our contracts to help protect you from 3rd party security failures. If a farm provider decides to exit-scam or is exploited, we can withdraw all funds and return them to the vault so you can remove them from the system without issue. We look over all contracts we integrate to ensure their farms don't have any backdoors, and will alert you of any potential vulnerabilities when we add them to our site.

Our approach in three statements:

  1. Be Selective - Only partner with trusted, established protocols.

  2. Be Cautious - Do not blindly chase whatever tech or protocol is currently in fashion.

  3. Be Thorough - Double, triple, quadruple check your work. Have as many knowledgeable eyes review your code as possible.

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