Inactive Vaults

Sometimes protocols make changes to their own technology and require migration of funds to new pools. Sometimes protocols shut down entirely. Whatever the case, Reaper will never touch your assets or move funds on your behalf, beyond the automated internal contracts of vaults. If a strategy is no longer supported, the vault will be marked inactive. This means that users will not be able to deposit funds into said vaults, however this does not affect your ability to withdraw your funds. You will always be able to withdraw your funds from inactive vaults.

Can't find a vault?

Inactive vaults may be removed from the front end. If that is the case, funds remain safe and withdrawals can still be processed via the smart contract.

To do so, search for your wallet address in FTMScan ( Find your vault shares in the Token Holdings dropdown. The token should have a name starting with "rf". Click on it to head to the vault contract. Scroll down and select Contract, then Write Contract, as pictured:

Find the function named "withdrawAll", click the dropdown, and Write.

This will cost some gas but will withdraw all of your LPs from the vault. You can then go to the relevant DEX and stake or split your LPs as you wish!

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