Uniswap Utilities

Create your trading route

Pass your input and output tokens to createRoute and it will return an array you can pass into a swap.

reaper.createRoute(tokenInput:string, tokenOutput:string) => (route:array)


Execute a swap on any Uniswap V2 router

reaper.swap(routerAddress:string, tokenInput:string, tokenOutput:string, toAddress:string, amountIn:uint, slippage:uint%) => (transactionReceipt:object)

Add Liquidity

Add Liquidity to a Uniswap V2 pool.

reaper.addLiquidity(exchangeAddress:string, tokenOne:string, tokenTwo:string,) => (transactionReceipt:object)

Retrieve a pair address

Retrieve an existing LP pair address. If the address doesn't exist, it will create one.

reaper.getPairAddress(factoryAddress:string, tokenOne:string, tokenTwo:string) => (lpAddress:string)

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