Digit (Reliquary)

The Byte Masons created Reliquary as a DeFi-native solution to the problems introduced by current incentive systems. Reliquary seeks to find a middle-ground between bonding and liquidity mining, with the protocol-level benefits of the former and elasticity of the latter. The result resembles a liquid floating-rate bond that increases in convexity over time, aligning the protocol with its liquidity providers better than ever before. It is an open-ended, audited platform with a plugin system and suite of tools that will supercharge any incentive program.

In Reliquary, rewards are distributed across Maturity Tranches, which represent a length of time for which liquidity must be provided. This is done in a non-dilutive fashion, with the same amount of rewards always being emitted to the pool no matter how many users are in any tranche. That way, the longer you remain in a Relic, the more incentives you will receive.

This maturity system allows developers to program desired holding patterns into each pool, giving them unparalleled control over their incentive structures. Users are issued a custom NFT for use in external protocols: they can lock it, lend it, or sell it on their favorite marketplace to earn a premium on their time spent in the pool. However, locking is not required. Users can withdraw at any time. Though with built in airdrop mechanics, multi-asset rewards, and maturity bonuses, why would they ever want to?

Digit is the protocol-level implementation of Reliquary, that will showcase Reliquary technology while housing Reaper vaults in underlying strategies.

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