Multi-Strategy Vaults

Multi-strategy vaults are a next-generation technology designed by the Reaper team that automatically redirects and rebalances user funds to a selection of single strategies to maximize yield across the board.

Consider two lending protocols that incentivize borrowing and lending of a particular asset, and for which Reaper provides two separate lending vaults. As users enter and exit vaults and TVLs dilute yield, prices fluctuate, etc., the yield offered by the two respective vaults will continue to fluctuate. If a user enters the most profitable vault today, the other vault might outperform it tomorrow.

Multi-strategy vaults allow the Reaper team to add or remove strategies to capture yield opportunities, and automatically redistribute internal funds to cross-level yield across strategies, maximizing yield of the underlying asset. Multi-strategy vaults are designed with diversification and adaptability in mind, and serve as a one-stop shop for all your asset management needs. These vaults do not utilize a withdrawal fee.

Note that this increases the complexity of the strategy, and exposes funds to a larger number of protocols, so users should research incorporated strategies to ensure they are comfortable with that exposure.

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