Vault Analytics (“More Info”)

Reaper provides custom analytics for users to openly track vault performance.

When you click the ‘More Info’ button on a vault, you will see something like this (but specific to your vault):

Let's break this down by section.

Section A: The Name

This is the name of the vault as well as a link to the exchange where these LPs are made or assets can be purchased. The link will even fill in the assets for you. In this instance, the link will open up to Velodrome's liquidity management page for creation of LPs. Other vaults may direct you elsewhere.

Section B: Your Current Tokens

This block details information about your current assets in the vault. The first line shows how many LP tokens you currently have deposited in the crypt. The second is the total value of those LP tokens. For most people, that is all you care about and that is fine.

The final three lines are Scully showing his work. Here you can see the price per LP, the number of each token in your LP and their individual values. The contract uses all those numbers to calculate your total vault value.

Section C: Your Future Tokens (Yield)

This section is broken up into three headings.

Yields & Profit (depicted above) provides mathematical yield projections based on historical vault performance. If section B is what you currently have, section C is what you will have (based on our APY calculations). Projections are calculated by Day, Week, Month and Year so you can see how powerful compounding is over time.

Yield is calculated on underlying token growth and harvest performance, so may not always match the yield calculated by the external protocol.

Also note that calculations include vault withdrawal fees, which may cause APYs to temporarily spike when large withdrawals occur. These spikes will usually fade after a few additional harvests.

The Harvests Graph (shown below) shows the trend in yield data. If the yield projected by the vault seems unlikely, you can check the harvests graph to see if the yield is spiking (possibly due to a recent large withdrawal) or sustained. You can also toggle between APY and Vault Share Price (VSP), although typically APY will be more relevant.

Lastly, selecting Vault Info (below) shows vault and underlying farm statistics so you can see your share of the vault, and of the underlying farm, as well the age of the vault.

Section D: Your Total Profit

While the last two sections dealt with present and future, this section focuses on the past. Here you can see what you have earned over the lifetime of the vault.

You may notice that in some of your vaults the historical profit can be higher than the amount you have in the vault. Historical profit does not update to reflect when you withdraw from a vault. This field shows ALL of your profit gained from this vault.

Section E: Vault Stats

Here you can see links to contracts, as well as vault tags.

Of note, some vaults have additional content in this section if it is deemed relevant. For example, multi-strategy vaults include a link to the underlying strategy contracts and allocations (see below). As strategies are included or removed, and allocations change, this information will stay up to date. You can also find audit reports for complex vault solutions that have had external auditing.

Some vaults may display slightly different information under 'More Info'. As our strategies, analytics, and UI develop, we regularly release new vaults with more refined presentations. If you see something displayed on a vault that you do not understand, please let us know, and we explain it to you, and update our documentation.

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