• Reaper.Farm is maintained by the Byte Masons, a development collective specialized in DeFi Security and Ventures. The Crypt software is battle-tested, intelligent and always optimizing the growth on your deposits.
  • When you use our services to manage your assets, our smart auto-compounding algorithms will grow your principal much faster—exponentially faster, even—compared to manually compounding your assets at any fixed cadence.
  • Come chat with the team on Discord or Telegram.
  • We care a lot about security. Obsessive even. So please, take the time to read our Security section. We firmly believe knowledge is the best defense for your funds. Take your time!
  • Reaper.Farm takes a small fee on all profit earned on each harvest. This allows us to pay our bills and to keep building for our users. More details can be found here.
  • When you deposit into Reaper.Farm the Crypt will exchange the asset for a receipt token always denominated as a rfTOKEN. These tokens are extremely precious. Do not transfer them. Do not send them to a contract. Do not send them to our contracts. Sending these anywhere is the equivalent of setting all your cash on fire. There is no way to get them back.
    • I don't mean to be dramatic but its important. You will need these rfTOKENs when time comes to withdraw from a crypt. When you call the withdraw function our contract will automatically swap them for your principal and any yield generated.
  • Reaper.Farm is not a completely decentralized service as it relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to summon the Reaper Harvest-Bot. However, if for whatever reason AWS was unavailable, all strategies and contracts have been designed to be maintainable by anyone. If all Reaper.Farm contributors dissolved into mist the protocol could still be completely operational. In this way Reaper.Farm exists entirely by the will of the community.
    • HOWEVER, the Byte Masons are actively building towards complete decentralization. So stay tuned!
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