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veVOTER + claim

Standard veVOTER Vaults maximize and optimize the growth of a user’s veNFT position by accumulating trading fees, bribes, and rebases, and converting it all into more ve- tokens for distribution to veNFTs.
Community sentiment indicated a preference towards bribes being converted to USDC to be claimable by users.
A 'veVOTER + claim' vault has been developed and a prototype is deployed via Pain.Finance, servicing veVELO NFTs.
veVelo USDC NFT vault
This vault works the same as the standard veVOTER vault, however it converts bribes to USDC for users to then claim (transferring the balance to their wallet). The rest of the NFT's earnings are still compounded into the NFT to earn more from bribes in subsequent epochs.
Nuances in the the way the veVOTER vault works apply in a similat fashion to Claim vaults, so users should become familiar with the content in veVOTER.