veVOTER Vaults maximize and optimize the growth of a user’s veNFT position by accumulating trading fees, bribes, and rebases, and converting it all into more ve- tokens for distribution to veNFTs. Vault contracts manage all the claims, swaps (to ve- tokens), and ve- token distribution without needing access to any tokens in your wallet. These vaults are designed to enable the user to approve voting rights and locking rights for the user’s veNFT position without depositing the veNFT (the veNFT never leaves your wallet). It does so by implementing a Voting Manager contract and Voting Strategies.
The Voting Manager, or VM for short, is the main contract that is responsible for interfacing with the user. When a user grants the VM their voting rights, it will distribute voting power to various voting strategies, which will maximize bribes and trading fees each epoch. The VM is a brand new type of vault that manages behaviors by proxy instead of through active management of underlying assets. This allows us to give a ton of power to users without taking on any custody risks to the vault itself - it never holds any assets. On the front end, users can grant or retract voting rights to the VM on demand, which is a simple, low-cost operation.
Voting Strategies are designed to manage a subset of the veNFTs under the VM’s management. If a strategy is full, the manager automatically deploys a new one. Voting Strategies are constantly receiving instructions from the VM, and their modularity allows us to manage everyone’s NFT with little gas or operational overhead. Voting Strategies are upgradable, which you can read about in the Security section of our documentation.
Automatic veNFT relocking for maximum voting power is optional and users can choose their lock timeframe, or turn relocking off to eventually unlock their veNFT.
The prototype veVOTER Vault is the veVELO crypt, which is now available on Reaper Farm. Note that on top of our standard upgradable contract risk management, each upgrade also requires approval from Tao on the Velodrome team. The following infographic may help to demonstrate the inner workings of the vault.
veVELO Voting Crypt infographic
Through careful business integration, the Reaper team will continue to develop veVOTER vaults for up and coming protocols. veVOTER vaults are currently available for Velodrome on Optimism and Thena on Binance Smart Chain.

Additional information about how veVOTER vaults work

The veVOTER vault submits votes for NFTs towards the end of epochs, but not in the last minute, per se. Bribes are subject to dilution after the vault votes. It does so by voting for the optimum returns on behalf of each respective NFT given bribe conditions at the time. Subsequent NFTs may see different bribe conditions and thus vote differently.
Noting that the vault does not take custody of users' NFTs, NFTs will remain visible in the underlying protocols' UI. This includes the ability to see unclaimed rewards. The veVOTER vault does not instantly claim rewards when they are available. It claims rewards when all bribes are available, then executes swaps and distributes rewards proportionally to the claimed bribe values for each NFT.
It is important to understand that the value of rewards will fluctuate with market conditions between the time of voting and the time of compounding, so users may receive more or less than they expect, depending on bribe and market conditions. Some weeks you may receive less than you expect and others more.

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