The bane of the overeager investor
rfTokens are the coupon Scully gives you for entering a crypt. He cashes those in to give you your investment back. Treat them like you would the keys to your safe.
The astute DeFi genius will regularly check their wallet address on ftmscan or etherscan to check the status of transactions and assets. Because the astute DeFi genius uses Reaper Farm they will likely notice something like this:
They might even go to that contract address and add this token to their Metamask. In some instances, Metamask may even add it for them!
I'm here to tell you that is all completely unnecessary.
rfTokens are essentially placeholders or coupons the smart contracts issue to track your investment. When time comes for you to withdraw, the contract needs your rfTokens in order to return your funds. You do not need to add them to metamask or send them anywhere. If you do, it is likely you will be throwing away your money. No one will be able to help you.
These tokens are not an asset and can not be used anywhere else. They are Reaper Farm exclusives.
You do not ever need to interact with these rfTokens directly. The Reaper Farm contracts will retrieve them from your address automatically when you withdraw. If you lose them the Byte Masons can not help you!
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